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LGB: I Am Who I Am

  1. Don't Miss Your Water (Part I)
  2. I Am Who I Am (I'm Jody's Baby Girl)
  3. Country Woman (Part II)
  4. Don't Miss Your Water (Part II)
  5. Gonna' Party
  6. Yellow Rose of Texas
  7. Jealous Wo-man, Yes I Am
  8. Kountry Woman (Part I - Zydeco Remix)
  9. (Inspirational Bonus Track) Like a Tree Planted By the Water

LGB: Reality Slowly Walks Us Down

  1. Reality Slowly Walks Us Down
  2. We Were Never Meant To Be
  3. Weekend Widow Dressed In Black
  4. Time Brings About A Change
  5. I’ll Always Love You, But I Won't Always Be Your Fool
  6. Again, I’ve Fallen In Love With You
  7. He Called Me Baby
  8. Someone You Use

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2012 Jus´ Blues Music Foundation Blues & Soul Music Awards

LGB was a nominee for
Best New Southern Artist - Female.

4th Annual 2010 Daddy B. Nice Southern Soul Awards

LGB was also one of Daddy B. Nice's Finalists in the following categories:

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